Welcome to Dyslexia Hack

Dyslexia Hack is an educational consultation, speaking and counseling firm using brain research to redefine Dyslexia.  Through presentations and small group facilitation, Cynthia Hildner strives to create a sense of belonging and empowerment.



2nd - 12th Grade Guided Support Groups

These grade level Guided Support Groups create a space for children to learn about their unique brain and share with their peers about their struggles and victories.  The parents will also have the opportunity to talk with each other to gain ideas and support.

Guided/Informational Support Group and Adult Meet Up Group

Adults need support too, so we created two great support options.  A Guided support group where adults could learn more about their brains and how to use their strengths to create more success.  And an drop in meet up group for adult who want a positive place to chat with like minded adults about Dyslexia.

Speaking on Alternative Ways of Thinking about and Living with Dyslexia

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