2nd-12th Grade Guided Support Groups

COMING SOON!  Please make sure to fill out a reservation form if you are interested in having your child attend a 4 week session.

We have found it very helpful for children with Dyslexia to learn about their unique brains and how to use them to their advantage. It also can be uplifting for children to be surrounded by others who think and process information the same way they do.  

We created these grade level Guided Support Groups in order for children to learn and share with their peers about their struggles and victories.  The parents will also have the opportunity to talk with each other to gain ideas and support. 

Kick Off Meeting- Whole Group

The Kick Off Meeting will include parents and children as one group to gain a common understanding of Dyslexia. We will then meet at our regularly scheduled session times.

4 Session - Child/Young Adult Support Group

After The Kick Off Meeting,  the child/young adult will attend 4 small support group sessions with their similar-aged peers. Each session will start with a 15 mini-lesson which leads into a guided discussion about the topic of the day.  

4 Session - Optional Parent Support Group

Parents will have the option to view a video of the same mini-lesson with guiding questions.  This information will help facilitate the parent discussion while the children/young adults are in their session. 




-First meeting is a whole group meeting to gain a common understanding of Dyslexia

-4 mini-lessons on how your unique brain works

-Guided discovery of your amazing strengths

-Lean how to use strengths to empower you and create success  
-Parents will get the same mini-lesson and guiding questions to discuss 


2nd - 12th Grade Support Group
Kick Off Meeting with Parent/Child $20

4 Sessions meet every other week
$240 Total