Cynthia Hildner is a Special Education Teacher with 16 years of classroom experience. In 2014, she discovered a book that changed her life and forever changed the way she thought about Dyslexia. Being so moved by this new understanding, she shared the brain research with her Elementary students and watched their perception of themselves develop into a quiet confidence she had never seen before in her students.

As founder of Dyslexia Hack, Cynthia works as an educational consultant, Identity/Success Coach, support group leader and speaker. She has been sharing teaching ideas on Neurodiversity since 2001 (engaging hundreds of students, parents and educators), and opening up worlds of possibilities for so many. It is not uncommon for previous Elementary students to come back as college students and share how they still use the skills she taught them.

Cynthia realized, during an identity workshop she was conduction with High schoolers, how alone and confused the students with disabilities felt.  Without a clear community or mentors to turn to, these students had these students felt different and stupid. It was time to step up and help support others with Dyslexia.